Ubuntu – the cracks appear

So fairly happy with my selection of Ubuntu as a Windows alternative, but the cracks are begining to appear.  First up is the tablet PC – the Wacom driver still isn’t there, and the hybernate/suspend stuff doesn’t work.

The second area, and here I might have to give in, is with gadgets.  Specifically I tried to get my fireware Camcorder to talk to my home PC – no joy, then there’s up dating my TomTom…

Finally, on line services – Microsoft are going to ship “Mesh” which looks cool, I use Logmein on my Windows boxes which is a great way to remote control stuff.  Most of these services will work with Windows, may work with a Mac and barely mention Linux.

So where does this leave things, well Linux is great at the server end of the world – especially since more support is coming from the server hardware suppliers, but mostly for the enterprise installs (SLES, Redhat) – HP don’t want to support Ubuntu LTS apparently – whereas VMware does.

On the corporate desktop it’s going to work too, but where those users need Cameras, PDAs, etc this begins to fail too.

Since I can’t afford a Mac, then it looks like it’s back to Windows – dual boot is an option, but is a pain.  A Windows VM on a Linux host still won’t give me access to firewire, so I’d have to fork for a USB 2.0 camcorder – not cheap!  Linux VM’s on Windows then, or just use OpenSource Windows apps?

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