Ubuntu 8.04 – Nearly Perfect!

So have Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” on a couple of PCs and for the most part it looks pretty tidy.  Installing the “restricted Ubuntu” stuff has got DVD viewing working and video from the BBC runs fine in Firefox – a step forward over OpenSUSE 10.3.  But as ever there are a couple of gotchas…

  • Firefox – they’ve included Firefox 3 beta 5 – which means a fair few plugins don’t work – e.g. Google’s Toolbar.  You can uninstall 3 and replaec it with FF 2, but I think they should have stayed safe to start with.
  • Java – Uses something called IcedTea to handle Java in Firefox – this broke my old Riloe II lights out card – so I needed to replace it with the pukka Sun stuff.  Not sure why IcedTea even exists, Java is finicky enough without adding other stuff!
  • Wireless – my home PC installed with Wireless working fine, but turns out it was set up for the U.S. so couldn’t use channels 12 and 13, which my router decided was the lease congested channel in my house!  I had to edit the options file for modprobe.d – seehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/debian-installer/+bug/205095
  • Wacom – my tablet PC worked under 7.10, but the drivers broke on 8.04 – should never have broke IMHO.

Otherwise, it’s a very tidy distro.  I await OpenSUSE 11 which should be comparable in terms of the software versions included to see how they match up, but Yast in 10.3 has a way to do before it matches the Synaptic package manager in Ubuntu

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