Life as a normal “Vista” user

I’ve been running Vista for a few weeks on one of Desktop PCs and using it for normal Office use, with Sharepoint etc and a few admin style activities.  The difference with my old XP install is that I’m running as a normal non-admin user.  This it proving remarkably painless so far – it’s far better in this regard than XP. SoIm happy that I’m running with a bit more security!

If I need to admin the local machine, I just try to run the do the task and Vista will ask for the admin password for the admin account – unlike XP this is the first account created on the PC – administrator exists but is disabled by default.  If I try and install software, updates, activeX controls etc it also prompts me – rather less it seems that when I used it as a user with local admin rights.  All in all, this behaves very similar way to my Linux installs.

Speedwise it’s not too bad – the PC has a decent graphics card (ATI) and 2GB of RAM though – but is three years old.

I’m also getting the hang of the file manager.

Outlook auto logs in (using the fix to add the domain account details to the managed passwords – accessed via control panel/users and groups)  – this also works sometimes for sharepoint too!

So nothing too earth shattering, but definately livable with – just hope the latest ATI driver update fixes some screen refresh issues!

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