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Enterprise Architecture @ Swansea University

So a brief summary of EA @ Swansea – what’s what etc. One Enterprise Architect – Me.  One Solution Architect assigned to the Dev Team to architect in house developments, plus two Business Analysts. Frameworks –  Best described as based … Continue reading

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vSphere 5.1 VSA some observations

I’ve been looking into vSphere 5.1’s Essentials Plus free Virtual Storage appliance (VSA). So first a few gotchas – first it requires four NICs before it’ll install, and it seems to take over all spare storage, leaving no local storage … Continue reading

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VMware – Killing paradigms and Re-inventing the mainframe

So I Listened to Paul Maritz keynote from VMworld 2011 yesterday.  He was making some bold predictions, which of course will come back to bite him! First, of course, the death of the PC – this has always been touted, … Continue reading

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Microsoft Virtualizing Windows – Why??

So Microsoft are playing catch up with VMware with their Hyper-V platform. But why? Are they missing a trick here? Continue reading

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Storage for vSphere – Eggs and Baskets

At the moment our vSphere system is running against 3 HP EVAs.  Two of these are in year 4 of their life, one is new.  Question is should we look to replace our older 8100’s with a new 6400/8400 unit. … Continue reading

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