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Today I was looking for an alternative to Blackboard’s survey manager when I stumbled upon this great suggestion from Technology Bites. All you do is go to Google Docs (docs.google.com) and create a new Google Docs Spreadsheet (you’ll need a free google account, but if you’re a Gmail user or a Blogger blogger you’ll have these already). One of the sharing options that Google provides is web form for data input and this is quick and easy to use. The rest of this article takes you through the process with a screencast supported demo. (more…)

May 21st, 2008

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One of the commonest pieces of student feedback that we hear is “why doesn’t Professor X have a Blackboard site.” A query that crops up quite regularly at IT Support is apparently “My Blackboard site isn’t working: there’s no link to Module Y.” Both are symptomatic of a mismatch between our students expectations of our primary e-learning platform (which at Swansea happens to be Blackboard) and our provision of e-learning support. Quite simply, our students see the absence of a module from Blackboard as a bug!

In this first of an occasional series, I will attempt to persuade you to address this for your own modules by passing on some lessons that I’ve learnt about exploiting Blackboard for students’ benefit without incurring too much extra work for yourself. Hopefully, by creating Blackboard sites for your modules and exploiting some of these tips, you’ll earn the gratitude of your students (and the higher satisfaction scores that your teaching materials no-doubt deserve) without incurring too much additional stress.


May 14th, 2008

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