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If you have uploaded content to your Blackboard site and you want to update it, you will have probably jumped through the painful hoops of deleting the old content, renaming and uploading the new and navigating through the seemingly endless sequence of acknowledgment pages that this operation entails. In Blackboard 8, I recently discovered, if you just upload the new content (without renaming the file first), Blackboard adds an automatic sequence number to the new content, but leaves the old one in place to be deleted. This is better, but still one more step than I like.

Recently (today in fact) I discovered an even quicker work around. Simply use the upload dialogue box to select the new content, then press delete on the old. Blackboard will upload the new content (perhaps adding the sequence number) and then delete the old content in one step! I made a quick Jing ScreenCast to demonstrate the steps. Sorry about the microphone noise!

February 3rd, 2009

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In this second of my occasional series of Blackboard productivity tips I want to give another tip that is related to Tip #1: Exploit External Links. This simple tip provides an easy way to get your module details into a Blackboard module site using a link to the catalogue entry. This particular tip is also available in screencast format at Screencast.com. (more…)

May 15th, 2008

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