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Padlet, a digital equivalent of post-it notes on a whiteboard, is a useful resource for gathering student comments and questions which I used a bit on one of my modules last year as a replacement for Blackboard’s discussion lists.

Whether it is still useful for the numbers signed up for the #FLble1 MOOC is less clear.

The brief for exercise 1.9 was either to post a 40 word reflection on some videos about blended learning from the teacher or student point of view or to share a resource with comments. I shared the HEA starter tool page on Blended Learning which I’d found last week when gathering information for a project to run some pilots of blended learning within the College of Engineering.

See if you can spot my contribution in this lot (clue — the newest posts seem to float to the top of the page).

November 5th, 2015

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If you like me, spend a lot of time on-line, and wish to easily share what you find with friends, colleagues, students and family then a life streaming application may be the way to go. A life streaming application essentially records everything that you do on-line (that you are happy to share of course) and presents a record either as a blog-like list or RSS feed.

Recently I have been experimenting with various examples of these tools and I thought that i would be useful to share what I’ve found out so far.


July 16th, 2008

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After the last entry in which I talked about Windows Live Folder Share another application came along that may have even more potential. Announced in the Zoho Blog, a new file backup, sharing and synchronization service called Syncplicity has been launched. This one does do what I was hoping Windows Live FolderShare might do with an interesting Web2.0 twist.


July 2nd, 2008

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