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This is the result of the skills audit that I completed as part of Week 2 of #FLble1.

“Thank you for completing the skills audit. Your answers are below. Identify any areas of weakness and make a note of them in your journal.

  1. I have a general understanding of how I can use technologies to enhance my students learning 8 / 10
  2. I have a good grasp of the language and culture (netiquette) of online communication 9 / 10
  3. I am aware of the broad range of digital study skills that my learners will need for successful academic study 7 / 10
  4. I know how to plug in and configure a microphone on my computer 10 / 10
  5. I know how to plug in and configure a webcam on my computer 10 / 10
  6. I know how to plug in and configure speakers on my computer 10 / 10
  7. I can use the microphone, camera and speakers on my mobile devices 10 / 10
  8. I am confident using a media player on my computer for viewing multimedia 10 / 10
  9. I am confident that I can make the most effective use of our virtual learning environment (VLE) 9 / 10
  10. I am aware of all of the tools available within our Virtual Learning Environment 8 / 10
  11. I know how to set up an electronic submission area in our Virtual Learning Environment for learners to submit assignments electronically 10 / 10
  12. I am confident about writing good threads for discussion boards to encourage learners to engage in effective collaborative study 7 / 10
  13. I am confident using Google docs to produce and share presentations and documents 10 / 10
  14. I understand how to set up a wiki for my learners to work on collaborative writing exercises 9 / 10
  15. I am aware of how I could use social media to support my learners 7 / 10
  16. I understand how to access and use a chat room for my learners to access 7 / 10
  17. I can tell my learners how to find free online courses on the Internet to support their studies 7 / 10
  18. I can create quizzes or tests online for my learners to test their knowledge and understanding 9 / 10
  19. I know how to audio or video record my teaching sessions for learners to use later 10 / 10
  20. I can find and recognise good quality learning material on the Internet to use with my learners 9 / 10
  21. I can find copyright free or creative commons licenced digital learning materials on the Internet 10 / 10
  22. I am aware of the range of ways that a mobile device could be used to support learners’ study 8 / 10
  23. I know how to use digital technologies to support learners with special educational needs 6 / 10

If I was honest with my answers (!) it’s pretty clear that I have no problems with technology but I am not as confident with the pedagogy or perhaps more correctly the appropriate selection of technology to support learning.

An interesting and revealing exercise and one which would be useful to adapt to gauge prior knowledge at the start of a module or course.

November 10th, 2015

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