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For the record these are the answers I recorded for the Matching Pedagogy with Technology exercise in Week 2. This is particularly interesting as we plan to create a more comprehensive resource than the hand out for our institution.

1) Constructivism

Technologies I chose:

Collaborative writing, Video recording of learner activity, Discussion forums, Reflective logs (blog), Open Educational Resources, Practical activities, Simulations

How I’m actually using them:

  • Simulate a system stimulated by a particular type of signal in order to better understand the practical applications of the mathematics of signals and systems.
  • Encourage students to use PeerWise to to write their own multiple choice quiz questions with feedback to help them and their peers revise a topic to be studied.

2) Social constructivism

Technologies I chose:

Collaborative writing, Discussion forums, Social media, Video conferencing

How I might use them:

  • Get students to discuss a topic in a forum in order to help them develop critical reading and writing skills
  • Share and curate learning resources found on the web using social networks.

3) Problem-based learning

Technologies you chose:

Online formative assessments, Audio / video learning resources, Open Educational Resources, Practical activities, Simulations

How I might or do use them:

  • Planned – get students to define and implement in simulation a system that can synthesize sounds from frequency spectra.
  • Actual – Build an autonomous robot in order for students to learn team skills.

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November 9th, 2015

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