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A couple of comments I made in the forum for FutureLearn Blended Learning Essentials section 1.7 after watching the extended version of Online Learning Using a VLE.

“I’ve attempted to flip my classroom (Level 6 and Level 7 students) and found that the majority don’t engage with the pre-class activities so we’re forced back in to traditional content delivery in class rather than more active activities.”

Any advice?

“There seemed to be an awful lot of work that the teacher using the VLE had done. Is this time to prepare factored into teachers’ preparation time? Is is appreciated by the institutions? In our case, end-of-module evaluation (which mostly mirrors the NSS questions) doesn’t provide much place to make visible any student appreciation of such staff activities. Or student resistance for that matter.”

See:  from FutureLearn Blended Learning Essentials section 1.7 for  context.

November 4th, 2015

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