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In the interactive exercise I am to think about some learners whose engagement needs to be improved. We’ve looked at five of the benefits of blended learning – flexibility, active learning, personalisation, learner control, feedback.

Make brief notes (~30 words) on one simple example of how would you use digital technologies to give each of these benefits to the learners you’re thinking of. There are no right/wrong answers, the aim is just to help you prepare your contributions for the discussion. Your responses won’t be monitored, but you may find it useful to make a note of them in your reflective journal.

Here are the questions, my answers and the instructor’s suggestions:

Q) How might using technology for ‘flexible access to learning resources’ help learners engage?

A) they are not restricted to what you do in class

Educator feedback:

Here is one idea: Get them to search the internet to find the answer to a very specific question before a f2f session, and compete to see who gets the best answer.

Q) How might using technology for ‘active learning’ help learners engage?

A) active learning is better than passive learning

Educator feedback:

Here is one idea: Ask them to work in small groups to develop a slide to present to their peers, which explains what could go wrong in a procedure/technique/skill they have just learned about.

Q) How might using technology for ‘personalisation’ help learners engage

A) it’s for me not the class

Educator feedback:

Here is one idea: Give the learners access to a relevant image database they can search to find suitable illustrations for some work they have to hand in.

Q) How might using technology for ‘learner control’ help learners engage?

A) they don’t have to wait for teacher

Educator feedback:

Here is one idea: Ask each learner to browse YouTube to find a good video that’s relevant to the topic they are currently learning.

Q) How might using technology for ‘feedback’ help learners engage?

A) it’s personal

Educator feedback:

Here is one idea: Prepare an MCQ quiz using a question you have put to learners previously, and using previous wrong answers as the choices, and ask them to pick the best one.

Reflecting on this exercise, did it change my perceptions of blended learning from what I knew already?

Based on my answers, I’m clearly not on the same page as the instructors!


November 3rd, 2015

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