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Seemingly without telling anyone, the University has signed up to a site license deal with Microsoft that gives you (and your students) access to Office 365 both on your desktop (in University and at home), in the “cloud” on the web through the Office365 portal https://portal.office.com/Home and on mobile devices Android, iOS and Windows mobile.

To access, simply search for Office 365 in your browser and then choose the result that says Sign in to Office 365 in the search results. Use your University email address to login. You’ll be redirected to a login page with the University’s logo on it. Give the password you use for email, intranet, blackboard etc.

Once logged in you are taken to the portal page mentioned above where you can download Office 365 for your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. Students can also do this and it might be worth mentioning it to them when you meet them in tutorials.

Since Office 365 has good collaboration tools for sharing and collaborating on documents, spreadsheets and presentations it opens up opportunities for more efficient document handling in our new brave paperless world and for new ways of working with colleagues and your students​ that you may wish to try. For example, your project students could create and share a OneNote notebook​ with you rather than asking them to use an old fashioned paper log book.

As SALT Champion for the College of Engineering ​and incoming chair of the e-Learning Subgroup of the Learning Technology and Enhancement Centre (LTEC), I am keen to share information on new technology with you and also keen to learn about and disseminate good ideas that you’ve found in using such technology.

(And yes, chalk is a learning technology.)

I look forward to hearing and sharing your stories.

September 30th, 2015

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