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One of the tasks I often have to do in Blackboard is creating groups for students. This is fairly trivial for small classes, but is a royal pain for large classes. I’ve never had much success with the Batch Group Enrolment tool, and I end up having to do enrolment manually.

The problem is that when you use the add users tool and you use the list all facility you are presented with a paged list of your students. If you add the students you want from page 1 and submit, you have to go back to the list and you get a new paged list. And quite often the list fills up behind the page where you first chose your students, you end up visiting the same page several times before you can move on.

However, if you start adding users from the last page, and then work backwards, this behaviour is avoided and you get a small productivity gain. This is because once you have added all the users you want from the last page, then move to the second to last page, you know you are dealing with a new list – the last page is clear and you know you won’t have to revisit it.

Of course, if list all really did show the entire list rather than a paged list, this would not be a problem at all! I don’t know if you find it as ironic as I do that when you ask for the entire list, and then answer Blackboard’s question “the list may be very long, are you sure” in the  affirmative, that the last thing you get is the whole list!

October 15th, 2009

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