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In a recent posting to the Learning Lab Community Blog, I demonstrated how to add a TeamLX wiki to a Blackboard site. For that 5 minute demo, I used the free screencasting tool Jing. In this article, I use screencasting to demonstrate the use of Jing itself.This article comes out of the discussion at a recent Lunch-and-Learn session on e-learning in which one of the participants wondered how you might create a small movie of a demonstration, say the solution of a maths problem, that was performed during a lecture on a smart board or a tablet PC. Well the easiest way I’ve found to do this is to use Jing. This neat little tool is really easy to set up, will use your PC’s built in microphone  (if it has one), and is literally no effort (providing you don’t want to record more than 5 minutes).In this little demo, I use Jing to record an interaction with the whiteboard tool in Blackboard’s virtual classroom. I then show how the video is automatically uploaded to hosting site screencast.comand how HTML code can be generated to embed your screencast in a Blackboard course site. I have also included the actual Jing video that I recorded during the recording. Enjoy!Some Additional CommentsIf you needed to record a whole lecture, or a whole examples class, seminar or tutorial, Jing’s 5 minute limitation will become a burden. You might have to move to a professional screen capture tool such as Camtasia Studio, and be prepared to do video some post-processing. The demo on this page was actually recorded in Camtasia and the audio and video was edited afterwards. But it still took less than one hour!Camtasia Studio also gives you more options for video formats that you can use. But will also produce larger video files, so a free account at screencast.com may be insufficient if you catch the screencasting bug. Luckily, the files generated by Camtasia Studion can easily be zipped to produce a package for upload to Blackboard. (Though it’s not clear when Uncle Clive will call time out on your Blackboard data use!)

January 28th, 2009

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