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As reported earlier, I am now creating a glossary of Internet terms for one of my modules using the TeamsLX wiki that is built into Blackboard. I wanted to report here are a couple of limitations that hopefully will be addressed in later releases. First, there is no spell checker in the wiki engine! Why can’t is share Blackboard’s spell checker?Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, the wiki engine lacks a couple of features that make it a real wiki. Of these, the most annoying to users of other wikis is that there is no indication that a page has yet to be created. In other wikis that I’ve used, links that have no attached page are usually shown in red and this gives a useful visual indication that a page still has to be written. This is particulary important in a glossary where there are many cross links, and some inevitably will not be written as you create the text.The other feature is that the TeamsLX wiki uses HTML as its markup language. I suppose that this is fine, but it can be less productive than a good wiki-text.Finally, there is a curious bug that is preventing me from editing the wiki on campus (it’s fine from home) but that’s another story.  

January 15th, 2009

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